Smart button dimmer function not working

Hello guys,

I recently bought this Hue Smart Button and hooked it up with my night stand lamp. It works as in turns the lamp on and off. But I am struggling to get the dimmer to work.

Who can explain me how to do this with Hue Essentials?


Hello, if you used the wizard in Hue Essentials to set up your smart button, you can press and then hold the smart button to decrease the brightness. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for your reply. That works. But I was under the impression that rotating the button was also supposed to do something?

The Hue smart button does not support rotation.

There is another Hue button similar to the smart button that does support rotation, called the Lutron Aurora. But that button is only available in the US.

It does if you use the default Philips configuration. Is there a technical reason why it doesn’t in this app? I’m deferring to using the main Philips Hue app to set up my smart buttons as a result, though I really wish I could add effects to multitaps.

@AshenSeraph Are you talking about the Hue Smart Button? As far as I know it does not support rotation. Could you please confirm this is the button you are talking about? Could you show a screenshot of the Hue app where you can see this button supports rotation?