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SKYQ 2TB HDR-UHD BOX TO PHILIPS HUE SYNC TO SONY TV , only 8bit, will not allow 10bit

My SkyQ UHD-HDR box connects to a Philips hue sync box (light strips on the back of TV that changes colours to whatevers displayed on the screen), from that philips hue sync box goes to the TV’s HDMI port, now when i go to sky settings to set UHD 10bit it only alows 8 bit, but when i connect directly from skyq box to the tv it allows 10bit. :-? thinking maybe the philips sync box doesn’t allow 10 bit to pass through???

SO… i connected the skyq box directly to the TV, went to sky settings, and set UHD to 10bit. unplugged the hdmi and routed it through the philips hue sync box, from that to the TV… it still says 10 bit in the settings.

But if i try to do those settings while connected to the sync box it only allows uhd 8 bit.

connect skyq box direct to tv get UHD 10 bit in settings
connect skyq box via philips hue sync box only allows UHD 8 bit in settings

so connect directly skyq box to tv , go to sky settings, set to uhd 10 bit and allows it, unplug hdr cable and route via philips hue sync box then to tv, go to settings and still says 10bit… but if i come out of settings and try to set 10 bit again, it only allows 8 bit.

TV: SONY KD-55XD9305


Hope this makes sense.