Sky Q & HUE Bridge conflicts


I’m currently experiencing conflicts between my Sky Q setup and Philips HUE bridge, associated to the the MESH networks or the 2.4 ghz wifi. I’m now struggling to resolve and wondering if anyone has similar issues or knows how to resolve the problem.

My Setup:

  • Sky Q main box + 2x multiroom boxes.
  • Sky Wi-fi HUB with two wifi networks (2.4 + 5 ghz / Channel 6)
  • ALL Sky boxes connected via Ethernet
  • Philips HUE bridge + Lights

The problem:
When all my devices are connected/online I’m unable to connect to the HUE bridge and control any lights. I CAN access all the wi-fi lights through Google Home no issues, but I want to use HUE for the richer features, colour controls, automations etc… The only way I can access the HUE bridge via the HUE App is once I power off the Sky main box. Once offline, HUE works perfectly. My current thought is this relates to the HUE Mesh network, potential channels or an Access Point being created.

I’ve tried the following without success.

  • I’ve discovered HUE uses ZigBee and have tried channels 11, 15, 26 without success
  • I’ve tried disabling Sky Q MESH networks via secret menu (settings/001), results in miniboxes losing Sky connection, HUE problems remain

Really struggling now to find any resolution for the devices to co-exist or the optimum setup. Worth mentioning, I do benefit with 1x minibox acting as a AP in my office to boost the 2.4 network.

Any help and ideas welcome!!