Simple timer effect

Hello hue community!

I’m trying to create a simple timer effect.

  1. Sultan Lamp : Scene Hell : 1 minute
  2. Sultan Lamp : scene gedimmt : 30 sec
  3. Off

The issue is, it doesn’t work. The lamp does not light up or goes on briefly (option, effect start light go up) and then goes off again… What am I doing wrong?

Effects saved on bridge.


What Bulb are you using?
I had two ledvance white ambience e14 bulbs (the drop shaped) that didn’t work well with Friends of Hue switches and with effects. I changed them with tint bulbs and now everything works as expected.
Have you also tried “Am Anfang Lichter einschalten”?

I used e27 white bulb. The effect works fine if I saved the effect in the smartphone, but not in the bridge.

If the option, am anfang an, is true, then going the bulb after start on and after 1sec off again.

It works, after a reset. This was not the best way, because all settings are lost.