Settings tile icon selection UI fail to update

Summary: when selecting an icon for a tile, the icon does not immediately update in the settings page but the selection is registered so that if exiting out of the tile settings page the main view will show the new icon


  1. from menu go to quick settings tile page

  2. select any tile

  3. complete configuration of the tile settings (any arbitrary config, so that the tile is saved and not empty)

  4. press the tile icon at the top left beside the tile name textbox

  5. select any icon

expected result: the icon should update to reflect the one just selected

actual result: the icon stays the same as before

further reproduction:

  1. press “<-” back at top to exit out of tile settings

result: the icon for the tile should show the selected icon, and if going back into tile settings it will also show the correct icon

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Hello, thanks for the detailed explanation. I was able to reproduce the bug and will fix it as soon as possible.