Setting up a new schedule


I am new to the Philips Hue life. I just set up my light strips in my kitchen under and on top of the cabinets today. I have been playing around with automations and scenes and I can’t seem to get the handle on what I am trying to accomplish.

My goal is to have my lights come on at 7pm at 100% brightness, drop to 50% brightness at 10pm and shut off at 7am. I haven’t seen a way to do this. I tried to do two automations to cover this…one starting at 7pm ending at 10pm at 100% and and another starting at 10pm to 7am at 50%. The one ended at 10pm but the other did not start up. Do I need to do an overlap (having the second turn on at 9:59pm) or do I have to have a 1 minute gap between the two?

Anyway, I appreciate any help in this matter and I am looking forward to playing around with my setup.
Just in case it helps, I am using the V4 light strip plus, the start kit and Hue hub. There is a lot more involved (multiple light strips and such) but this is the basics of it. Anyway, thank you for any help in this matter.

Hi @Ravenwjf,

this should be very easy to set up using the automations feature in Hue Essentials. There are multiple ways you can do this. For example:

  1. Create an automation which starts at 7pm and sets your lights to 100% brightness
  2. Create another automation which starts at 10pm and sets your lights to 50% brightness
  3. Create another automation which starts at 7am and switches off your lights

In the above method you could add a “group on state” conditions to automations 2 and 3, so the lights do not turn on if they are already off. But that depends on what you want exactly.

You could also do the following instead:
Create one automation which starts at 7 pm with the following actions in this order:

  1. Set lights to 100% brightness
  2. Wait for 3 hours
  3. Set lights to 50% brightness
  4. Wait for 9 hours
  5. Switch off lights

Let me know if you have any questions.