Setting motion sensors for different scenes

Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum, and new to the app, I’m just starting implementing my house with hue lights and devices.

I have looked in the forum for answers but couldn’t find any.

In my stairs and my upstairs alley I have one light switch which controls 3 lights each of them have 2 HUE GU10 lamps, one looking up and one looking down. The up ones are white and dimmerable hue while the down ones are color.
I have two motion sensor which I’m planning to put respectively at the bottom of the stairs and one in the alley upstairs.
This area of the house has no natural light, so I wanted to turn on all the lights in a bright mode during the day hours when everybody is awake, in order to avoid to press the light witch everytime.

Also I wanted to turn on only the down colored lights only during nighttime hours ( example when going to the bathroom from the bedroom or going downstairs in the kitchen).
Is it possible to use a different color only for the scene at night? I wanted them to be blue with a low dimmer.

Thank you!