Setting colors works oddly with Essentials -- with Huetro it works fine

I have some E14 bulbs from NEO connected with my Hue Bridge.

When I used them with Essentials for the first time, I appeared that they have a horrible color accuracy.

However, I just tried Huetro for Windows as another app to control Hue. With Huetro it was suddenly possible to set the colors for these same bulbs very nicely. For example I could set a perfect orange, which I could not set with Essentials, even if I entered the Hex-Code #FF6200 manually.

So it must be something wrong with the way how Essentials handles colors in some circumstances.

That would be so perfect, if this could be fixed.

It could be that the NEO lights have some issues with some color methods. Hue Essentials uses hue/sat for the color picker. It could be that the other app you mentioned uses XY for the color picker. Could you try the Philips Hue app and let me know whether the colors are correct?

Hue Essentials now always uses XY commands instead of hue/sat commands, so I think this issue is fixed. It would be great if you could confirm all is fine now. The fix is available since Hue Essentials 1.15.0 on Android and 1.9.0 on iOS.

Thanks for the info.
I just gave the new version a try. Congrats for the new color picker, I’d say it indeed does work better now, at least when using the color picker.

However, to cross check, I again tried the Hex code #FF62000.

With an DRESDEN electronics FLS-PP I reproducably get an orange color for that hex code. With the NEO bulbs the results aren’t really predictable. I differs from time to time. So I would say it must be some implementation error with the NEO bulbs.

What’s weird anyhow: when using the color picker, the color is more reproduceable than when entering the hex code… well, I’l live with that and probably will get rid of the NEOs.