Set brightness per group for an entertainment program

Hey so not sure when this changed. My Ex recently moved out and I needed to reset-up my bridge and all of my lights.

At some point in time when you were to click into an entertainment options such as Disco, it would then prompt to select an entertainment group and I could specify a brightness level for that group such as 100% brightness, and then I could go back and select another group and specify 50% brightness.

It seems there was an update, that only allows for one entertainment program to run at a time, so I can no longer run disco on one group at 100% brightness, and another group at 50%. I have to tap entertainment group, then select only one group, and then I can only run the disco on that group. Anyway this ability can be restored? Also I have the premium membership.

Alternatively it looks like the ability for Dance Sensation has been expanded to support 3rd party bulbs. I noticed that there are ways to set bulbs at floor level, tv level, and ceiling. Do these settings impact the brightness levels?

Basically I am looking to have my light strips at 100% brightness, then other bulbs at certain light levels so that my apartment is like a night club and not fully lit up.

Also further testing, it appears that the Tradfri color bulbs that I have, Dance sensation does not change their color, however while using disco the colors do change.

The Tradri bulbs are showing up as color bulbs. I have 2 innr bulbs, they do change color and show up as extended color bulb.