Schedules created with Philips Hue app dont show up in Hue Essentials - is that normal?


I’ve been using the Philips Hue app for some years, but I dont like the latests edition, so I’m started using Hue Essentials.

I bought the Schedeule feature, but the schedules I’ve previously created with the Phips Hue app, doesnt show up…

Is that normal? Can I do something to make them show up in Essentials?

I’m new here, I tried to find the answer in the Schedule category, but it dont seem to be there.

I hope you have some suggetions, thanks.

Kind regards,

I have exactly the same problem. Please fix

I’ve used Hue Essentials for years and if I am not mistaken this has always been the case. Hue Essentials sets automations up in a different way (with way more options). Once switched I set everything up once more and it was fine.

Note: The automations did still exist on the bridge and worked. They just weren’t visible in the app. Same happened the other way around.

Then again, it might all be a bug – I’m not the dev. :slight_smile: