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Schedules created with Philips Hue app dont show up in Hue Essentials - is that normal?


I’ve been using the Philips Hue app for some years, but I dont like the latests edition, so I’m started using Hue Essentials.

I bought the Schedeule feature, but the schedules I’ve previously created with the Phips Hue app, doesnt show up…

Is that normal? Can I do something to make them show up in Essentials?

I’m new here, I tried to find the answer in the Schedule category, but it dont seem to be there.

I hope you have some suggetions, thanks.

Kind regards,

I have exactly the same problem. Please fix

I’ve used Hue Essentials for years and if I am not mistaken this has always been the case. Hue Essentials sets automations up in a different way (with way more options). Once switched I set everything up once more and it was fine.

Note: The automations did still exist on the bridge and worked. They just weren’t visible in the app. Same happened the other way around.

Then again, it might all be a bug – I’m not the dev. :slight_smile:

I believe Angelusz is right, that is, Hue Essentials dont support schedules created in the Philips Hue app, because Hue Essentials got far more advanced features - and thanks a lot for that !!!

Of course, I also dont know if this is a bug or just by design. If it’s design, I think it would be great, if the Hue Essentials app explicitly wrote something like “Schedules created with the Philips Hue app is not supported”, when one enters schedules in Hue Essentials - eventual with the option “Dont show this message again”.

Anyway, I choosed to clean up my Hue Bridge (except light sourses and rooms), and started over. Actually, it didnt took that much time, and I’m much happier with the entire solution now, and never looked back.