Scenes not loading in group widget

For about a year this app has been the best thing ever since I started using hue lights. Most used widget everyday and most convenient way to quickly change the scene of a room with the widget on my Samsung Galaxy S20 fe homescreen. But since about a week the scenes won’t show when I click on scene selection button in the widget. Which means I have to open the all itself to change it. When I click on the scene button I see a loading symbol for a sec and then nothing appears.

So far to try to solve it:

  • reinstall app
  • reconnect with bridge
  • reboot phone
  • changed widget
  • android Samsung Galaxy tab s7 fe has same issue
  • rebooted the bridge

Can someone help me to fix the widget?

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Thank you for the report. I have fixed the bug already in version 1.29.7 which is currently awaiting Google review. That takes a few days. My apologies for the inconvenience.

If you are familiar with installing APK files, you can send an email to and I will send you the APK.

Exactly same thing here.
Can i get the new .apk also?


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Sure, just replied to your email. Let me know how it goes.

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Amazing, thanks :blush: I’ll try as soon as possible

Amazing :clap:
It works really well. In fact, it reacts much faster, in regards to show the popup with all the scenes.
Good job!

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Thank you for the quick response!
I’ll send an email for the APK.

Glad to hear it’s a known bug and already on it’s way to be fixed.

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Updating the app with the new apk solved it immediately! Thank you so much!

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Thanks for letting me know! Great to hear!