Scenes are created too fast

Hi @Thomas,

thanks for the really fast reply at the Github about Mueller Tint with ConBee/deConz!
During the commissioning of more lights in a room (one with 6, one with 7 lights, all Mueller tint in this case), I observed the creation of the “default scenes” being too fast.
The lights all switch between the scenes, but apparently there seems to be a timing problem.
All the scenes I recall afterwards have 1-3 lights showing a different color setting.

As I learned from reading, the scenes are stored within the lights themselves and just recalled by sending them some identifier. So the lights probably have not switched fully to the desired setting, when the save scene command arrives.

Is there any possibility to increase this timeout between scene settings to safely store the scenes within the lights?
Maybe I overlooked some developer menu, so I could play around with some settings.

Will be testing the setting with some original Philips, some Osram and some Tradfri afterwards, but would like to iron out this problem, before I get in trouble for odd looking lights after the “change for the better” from Hue to ConBee :wink:

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hello Jonas, thanks for the details. I will look into it.

Same issue with all other brands, if you need help testing, I’m on beta on Android and willing to side load even before that. During weekdays I could test with 2, 4 or 7 mueller tint light’s (all color, 3xE14,4xE27)