Rgb color Mode white color after activating a tuneable white scene?

I’m sorry if that has already been resolved, unfortunately I can’t find anything.

When I create a scene based on the current setting of my

Model ID: “ZB-RGBCW”
• Manufacturer: “JunYu”
• Software version: “2.0.1”
• Unique ID endpoint: “01”
• Type: “Extended color light”
• Bridge type: “dresden elektronik deCONZ”
• Hue Essentials version: “1.20.0”

it is displayed correctly. Tuneable white e.g. 4500K
If I activate the scene the brightness and temperature is not correct because the lamp is activated in RGB mode, but not in tuneable white mode.
What can I do?

nobody a soultion :cry: ?

This is probably an issue with this specific light. I am afraid that there is not much we can do about this. Maybe deCONZ can fix this in their software. I suggest you to open an issue on their GitHub project or ask a question in their Discord server.