Remote control button functions in Deconz

I’m using Hue Essentials with my Deconz bridge (on a Home Assistant server).

When i set functions on the Ikea 5-button remotes in Hue Essentials they work great. However i can’t find the assigned functions anythere in Deconz software (phoscon). Where are functions stored and can they be seen somewhere in Deconz

I would like to know where the button function are stored so i can back everything up, thanks.

Other apps like Phoscon may not show the configuration of Hue Essentials. That is not something you need to worry about. If you create a backup in Phoscon, the configuration of Hue Essentials is included in the backup as well. When configuring smart controls in Hue Essentials, all data is stored in deCONZ.