Question: Switch to the selected situation if someone tries to change it to another


Is it possible to create the following automation:
If someone tries to change the brightness of the light between 24:00-7:00, the automation will automatically switch back to the scene I selected.

Hi Patrik, great to hear from you again! What you are describing is unfortunately not possible. If I understand correctly you want to create an automation that starts when the light brightness in changed. On a Hue bridge, it is only possible to start an automation when a light is toggled on or off. The next version of Hue Essentials will allow you to create these types of automations. It should be available in TestFlight in the next few days.

Another solution in your case would be to use a smart switch. You can modify the smart switch automation to not do anything between 24:00-7:00. Or would you prefer this to work from every method of changing the light brightness?

Maybe an effect which sets a scene every few seconds and repeats itself could work for your use case. You could start this effect at 24:00 and stop it again at 7:00 using automations. But this may impact bridge performance when setting light brightness too fast, so is not the best solution. Maybe give this a try and see how well it works for you?

Let me know if you have any questions or would like clarification on one of the points mentioned above.

Kind regards,

This (related) feature request is now available in TestFlight by the way. Access the new feature by going to the Devices tab at the bottom, and select your light.