Q: Issues with Effects involving scenes with set brightness on room-grouplevel

Hi all,

im quite new to the hue essentials and frankly for setup i prefer the vanilla app, but hue essentials is great for much deeper access, while all4hue is quite technical.

Im experimenting with pulsing and blinking effects and noticed some issues. when using frames with set color and brightness, all is good and effects even work created on room level. if i use scenes instead.

First: i create 2 scenes in philips hue app.
then open huessentials for effect creation. only one of the scenes is choosable.

now if i have two scenes which are the same color and different brightness, i see that the settings need to match, f.e. to set brightness for each frame, which denies changing the brightness while effect is playing. because otherwise its two times the same colour. if i leave this unchecked. nothign happens. initial brightness is set and no scene change is visible. if i enforce brightness per scene it uses scene brightness but when playing also nothing happens.

if i create a zone for the room and create the effect there two times same color, different brightness and enforce brightness by checkbox, it actually did work.

is this rather an issue with the hue bridge itself, its api? i know they want to release dynamic scenes later this year in their app, so maybe what the bridge offers and hue essentials provides access to, is not yet fully working?

am very thankful for your insights.