Problems with ikea switches etc on philips hue

Just finishing up after 6 hours of trying to use the app, philips hue bridge and ikea bulbs, led driver, switches and motion sensor, and after using lot of time gething nothing to work, got back to start up the ikea gateway agin and the crapy ikea app :frowning:
Just wondring if anyone gets the switch, bulbs, drivers and motion sensor from ikea to work?
All other bridges, lights etc was disconnected when i tried to connect ikea’s system to the philips hue bridge. And all devices are up to date.

Tried with ikea motion sensor with led driver, when that failed i tried with a bulb. Evrything locks great in the app, lights get added etc, but motion sensor stops working as son as the light get discoverd in the hub/app

Then i tried smart switch gen 1 and gen 2 from ikea. Again evrything is smooth as long as i use one switch on eatch bulb, tried to use the guide to add more, then the switch proberly gets disconnect from the hub and first bulb is stil working only with the app and the secound bulb is not to find in the the app but can be used bye the switch.

Not shure what im doing wrong, everything is added after the guides on the site and the youtube videos.