Problems with Alexa and Hue Motion Sensor Integration

Having read up on google, it seems quite a few users are having issues where the the combination of Alexa Routines + Alexa/Hue Skill + Motion Sensors is defective. The net effect is Hue Motion Sensors (only, lights are fine) seem to stop talking to Alexa periodically, which in turns required the Alexa/Hue skill to be disabled and re-enabled. Works most of the time and is quite frustruating. I see this problem, my son who lives in a totally seperate house sees this problems as do many people (just google it). Initial attempts with therr support were helpful and curtious, it then started working and stopped again. Same messenger chat and I get fobbeb off with “it’s you’re network issue”. Clearly the agent hadn’t bothered reading the long discussion thread on Facebook Messenger.

Anyone actually worked out how to fix this?

Some of my hue motion sensors won’t work at all now even after skill disabled and re-enabled, so now using Google home for any routines that need Motion sensors as triggers, works great