Problem with Philips Hue and Google Assistant

I am using Philips Hue together with Google Assistant via a Sonos One. Everything is working but I am experiencing one annoying thing. When I turn on lamps for instance it’s working fine. Google say something like “Okay turning on light in kitchen” But when I turn it off it says something like " Okay the device have been updated" instead of saying “Okay turning off light in kitchen”
I already tried to factory reset both Sonos One and Philips Hue starting all over. No luck though :cry:
It seems only to happen for Philips Hue devices. It’s been happening during the last couple of month . Before that everything was fine. I don’t know if it happened aften an update.

Does anybody know what the issue can be?

Thanks in advance

Please get in touch with Philips Hue or Google Home support. The Hue Essentials app does not offer direct integration with Google Home at this time so there is not much we can do for you.