Premium Version on Android and Windows

Hi. I was wondering if someone else has this situation: I bought the Premium version on my Android phone. After downloading the Windows version, I see that I can’t “activate” the Premium Features (which would make sense, since I can’t log in with my phone credentials). Do I need to purchase Premium for Windows separately?

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Yes, you would need to purchase this separately. The reason is that you wish to use premium on Android but the other release is a complete different package (code) made for Windows. The latter is serviced through a different store.

Stores like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc often do not allow for cross store activation. If code from Amazon store is detected within a Google Play based app, then Google Play could ban it.

Other question, does the windows version offer different / more features than the mobile version?

Yes, it is the same but of course no Android specific features on Windows like widgets, quick settings tiles, and tasker on Windows. There are no special features on Windows.

If I want this app on multiple android TVs in my house, do I need to purchase the upgrade on each device?