Possibility to control with hardware buttons on my Wear OS watch

Hi there,
I just got my Hue lights and love that I can use my Wear OS watch to control them via Hue essentials. Thanks for that amazing app.

I was wondering if I could have quick actions linked to one of the hardware buttons on my watch? I have a Skagen Falster 3 with 2 additional Buttons and they are programmable. I can choose an app (but not an action). Some other Apps (Like AutoWear for Tasker) somehow created a couple of empty “Apps” that were programmable on my Watch since they are listed as actual Apps on my device, I can use the device main settings to say that Button 1 opens the “App”.

If this would be able for HueEssentials too that would be so amazing. Just pushing a button to turn on the lights would be absolutely phenomenal.

It is possible with Tasker + Autowear + AutoHue But it requires Bluetooth all the time and is not very responsive.
If this could be a feature in the future it would be amazing. This way I can turn my bedroom on and off with one button and my living room with the other.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, thanks for the suggestion. I added your request to the wish list for future development.