Planning new Hue environment (TV wall)

Hi ! :slight_smile:
I’m going to buy and use Hue system to create awesome TV wall with ‘wow’ effect.

But… I’m not sure if wooden pannels (on the whole wall) behind TV, it’s a good idea.
I’m scared about it will diminish effects.
I attached my amateur visualisation (wall’s size 270x330 cm)

Have anyone any suggestions /experience?

I want to buy Sync box, Brigde, 5x GU10 and LED strips (under ceiling) + TV with Ambilight 4.0.
It’s a good start point ? and how can I extend this system ?<—

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile: :blush:
P.S I’m on planning stage cause I haven’t received key to the new apartment yet :sleepy:

I can’t speak from much experience, I am just finishing a project to merge my TV and Music “rooms” into a single AV Room and it’s going slowly but well.

Before you even get onto lights, I would strongly suggest considering the mounting height of the TV. The generally most comfortable height is that the centre of the screen should be at the same level as your eyes in the normal viewing position (typically the sofa). I can’t quite tell where your illustration has it as scale is hard to see.

Once you factor that in it may influence the location of other lights.

The other factor, which I have noticed, is that the latency of the genuine Hue lights - like Play bars - are much lower than third party lights and strips. While I can integrate my Hue lights with my Gledopto Pro controlled strips for music (Dance Sensation) it is not good for video ambience. Once you also work out the complete costs of many third party lights, the Hue ones are not an unreasonable premium, especially compared to the costs of the TV, furniture, the apartment and your own time.

Work in progress below; each shelf has an embedded strip controlled in alternating pairs - six controllers in total plus the ceiling border. There are current three Hue Play bars for TV ambience, and threemore just arrived as I found them on a reasonable sale (in the UK):

The speakers have moved wider, out of the way now and other changes are ongoing.