Philips WIZ (Zigbee) & Hue Bridge

Before I bought the bridge, I had a Philips WIZ “monster ball” E27 11Watt Smart LED - and this is already supposed to work with Zigbee. It supports Wifi (WPA3 - 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth, IFTTT, SmartThinks, Alexa, Google etc.
Why does the bridge see this WIZ lamp, from the same company, but does not integrate it? :thinking:

I have a similar problem with the integration of Asus Aura - no matter in which direction. Asus recognizes the Bridge, but cannot access it or does not follow the inputs.
But, with this problem I will probably have to contact Asus or Philips. :smirk: :blush:

I still have a Philips Hue “Iris” - nice piece so far.
Of course, given the prices, I also try to use compatible products.
I’ve been working on this topic for 3 days now. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:
Maybe someone has an idea of how I can make the WIZ lamp “cuddle” with the Hue Bridge. :wink: :handshake: :pray: