Philips Wall Switch Module to solve my requirements

This ist my first Post here an I just start with an unsolved Problem or task which i like to realize wiht Hue Essentials.

First I have to describe the initial situation a little longer

I use routines to control Hue lamps in the garden

  • dimmed from sunset to 9 p.m.
  • strongly dimmed from 9 p.m… to midnight
  • switched off just after midnight
  • I also use a motion sensor that switches these Hue Lamps in the garden to full brightness.
    If there is no movement, the previous brightness level is resumed
    (according to the time schedule, see above)

In Front of the House I have Motion Sensors and Lamps

  • One Motion Sensor controls one Hue Lamp and this Lamp has a similar time schedule like the backyard
  • a second Motion Sensor controls LEDs which where itself controls by an Sonoff Mini Zigbee (without connectet switch or Button)

This is the initial state, everything was implemented with Hue Essentials

What do I want to realize now
Since I live in a used house, I have to accept the wiring in the house as it is.
I would therefore like to use the button in the hallway to switch on all the outside light in full brightness when pressed and after a defined time they should get the brightness that they would have according to the timeschedule if no movement had been detected .
Alternatively, the button could also be turned into a switch and on / off would also be acceptable instead of a period of time.
To connect the button / switch to the HUE Sytem, I bought the new Philips Hue Wall Modules.

Unfortunately, these are not switches as the name suggests, they are in fact buttons.
They only can send pressed or released after pressed.

I played around with the functionality of Hue Essentials but couldn’t find a way.

Does anyone know how I could do that with Hue Essentials?

Best Regards

I’ll answer myself, because in the meantime I’ve solved my “problem” with NODE RED.
I don’t really like that at all, because I actually want to do everything that has to do with light only in one app.

Before my question (see above) I searched the community and found many questions / requests about the sunset and sunrise.
My experiments with Node RED therefore limit me to a suggestion for future development:

  • When entering times, not only allow fixed times, but also sunrise and sunset.
    It would be awesome if you could then enter an offset for it

  • Several time intervals for all functions that already allow time definitions, i.e. also for switches,
    buttons or tasks, similar to what is already the case with the sensors

  • Work through the defined time intervals from top to bottom.
    In doing so, process the first relevant time interval and do not consider any further time intervals.

I think this would be a major change for development, but it would have to make time handling simpler and easier to maintain for developers as well, since the same routines could be used.

This should also solve all the wishes that I have found here in the community on the subject of sunset / sunrise so far

Best regards

Hi @Egon, lots has changed with the automations, and all of your requests are now possible in Hue Essentials. Apologies for the delay in my response.

Create an automation for your switch. Add an action to switch on lights to full brightness. Then add a “wait” action for your defined time. Then add another action to set it to the brightness you want.

If you want that last action to change depending on the time of day, then it is a bit more advanced. To solve that:

  1. On the automations tab, create a separate automation for every time interval. As event select “external”. As condition select the time interval. As action set your required brightness for that time. Repeat this for every time interval.
  2. On your switch, after the wait action, instead of setting the brightness, start every one of the exernal automations you created earlier. Only the automation(s) with the correct time condition will start and it will set the correct brightness.

Setup an automation on your switch with the Toggle group action. Set the state to Toggle. This will switch on and off your group when you keep pressing the button, depending on the current light state.

You can create automations based on time, sunset, and sunrise. You can add offsets to the sunset and sunrise events. There is also a “wait” action.

You can now add time interval conditions to every type of automation in Hue Essentials, including switches, sensors, lights, plugs, and even e.g. sunrise automations. Many possibilities!

Could you explain this one in more detail? I don’t get it yet. Is this similar to the external automations I explained earlier?

Right, I had to rewrite all of the schedule/switch/sensor code to make this possible. But it is finally available now.

For more details on the new automations, see the following topic and linked topics: Automation in Hue Essentials

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,