Philips hue security camera - need time schedule

So i noticed hue security camera by chance, that would go along fine, since i have a lot of hue lighting. I bought a camera and got pretty excited about it.

However after learning that there’s no way to set up a time schedule - a pretty basic feature imo - the excitement turned into dissapointment.

The idea that i manually have to activate the system in the morning, deactivate it again after work and activated it yet again before bedtime - every day, does really, really NOT sit good with me. Come on man…

A time schedule can’t be that hard to implement, especially with the premium that goes along in this concept.

Anybody with any uplifting insight on the topic?

Originally I was gonna buy a few more cameras, but instead I feel like I might exchange the camera for another system, if this basic feature isn’t supported…

Sorry for the negative tone, i’m just frustrated at this point.