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Philips Hue Motion sensor, new motion in fading period renders light always on

Thanks for bringing the Philips Hue motion sensors to Hue Essentials.
I have however discovered something.
When testing I have set the a light to set a scene of 100 % brightness in case of motion.
After one minute the light should turn off.
This also works as long as you just do not retrigger motion before the light turns off.
At some point before it turns off it fades. If motion is triggered in the fade period the light is not set back to 100% and seems to get stuck in faded state until it is turned off manually in app.


Hi @Anders_Grauballe, thanks for reporting this. I take it you are using deCONZ. I was able to reproduce the issue and fix it. The issue is fixed in Android version 1.9.2 and iOS version 1.3.3.

After updating Hue Essentials, you will need to reset the motion sensor using the wizard button on the motion sensor screen. Then configure it again using the wizard.

The Android version should be live soon, first in beta. The iOS version will take some more time due to Apple review.

Let me know if this resolves your issue!

Hi @Thomas i have a similar problem with the Hue Bridge, 2 Hue Motion Sensors and Hue White Bulbs.
Before it turns off it fades and in the fade period if motion is triggered the light is not set back to 100%. The light turned off and only then goes back to 100%.

Edit: it is strange. Sometimes the light goes back to 100% and sometimes not.
And sometimes when the light turns off it takes 1 minute to turn it on again by motion.

I fixed it with the Hue Labs Formula ‚ÄúSensor Couple‚ÄĚ.

I just read this thread, I have a similar problem with my motion sensor. During the fade period, it does not trigger back up to 100%, can someone assist?

ciao, per ovviare al bug puoi, ramite routine alexa, forzare ad ogni rilevazione movimento la luminosita al 100%

scusa che non scrivo in inglese…tramite routine alexa…