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Philips HDMI play start/stop control with buttons


I have an HDMI play sync box in my HUE installation.

I can stop with HE, the video sync of the HDMI box with a button by using the ‘stop entertainment program’ and selecting the entertainment room where is my HDMI box.

But there is no feature to start the video sync with a button.
I have to go to Philips Hue Sync and start the video sync.

I pay the premium option, but still not possible to ‘turn on’ entertainment of the HDMI play box.

Is it possible to add such a feature ? Even for the premium only :wink:


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Hi Franck,

Given your last name, you must be french, I’m too :wink:

I posted the same thing in mid-August on the “XDA” forum, and I even sent an email to application support, but the answer from Thomas was not adequate with my question.

I just copied / pasted my text here, and I see you’re in the same situation.

For my part, I’m using an infrared remote control, where I have mapped a button that allows me to resynchronize.

In the meantime, it’s easier than going to the app to reactivate synchronization.

I just posted, it’s duplicate compared to your post.

We keep informed ! :wink:

P.S : It’s also possible on a change of state of the HDMI signal (switch off / on the device), but it’s much less practical.

Good day ! :handshake:

Hi Franck,

Maybe through Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant.

Do you know if it’s possible to program a voice command, in an action on a button ? :thinking:
It would be the solution to program the order : “Start to synchronize my lights".

If you ever see this message, let’s get in touch to make a plan :slight_smile:

Good day ! :handshake:


I use the autostart sync on the hdmi box.
When I turn into sleep mode the apple tv, the lights automaticaly turn off.
I also turn off the sync with a button that also switch off all the room lights.

That’s the best config I found, but a button to turn on/off the sync could be cool. I’ll put it near the sofa :slight_smile:


Hi !

Yes, I have a bit of the same use too.
I’m really looking to make a button to re-sync.

Currently I’m doing by IR remote, but I would really like to do it from “Hue Essentials” (not possible currently), or I was thinking this morning maybe with Alexa (in programming in a button if it’s possible).

I don’t know what your original language is, but if it’s French, we could continue in French :blush:

Have a good evening ! :raised_back_of_hand:

Oui je suis français, dans l’essonne, je n’ai pas alexa je suis 100% apple :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile:

En fait, de ce que je comprends, et je suis aussi dans cette problématique, on cherche à resynchroniser de façon simple, sans forcément faire un changement d’état de l’HDMI, ni de passer par l’application.

Ce matin, je me demandais si l’on ne pouvait pas le faire en programmant un ordre vocal, dans un bouton, tout en restant dans l’environnement Philips Hue.

En l’occurence pour toi, ce serait une programmation au travers Siri.
Pour moi, ce serait via Alexa.

Comme tu le disais plus haut, on peut en effet arrêter la synchro via “Hue Essentials”, mais pas l’inverse.

(Uniquement dans le cas où j’ai envie de contrôler mes lumières pendant une phase de synchro).

Je resynchronise personnellement via un mappage de bouton sur une télécommande IR, mais c’est pénible (sinon il faut faire un changement d’état sur l’HDMI, mais c’est encore plus contraignant).

Bonne soirée ! :raised_back_of_hand:

Salut !

Je te partage ce que j’ai trouvé.
Regarde du côté du produit : "Flic 2 Smart button” :sunglasses:

Compatible Alexa pour moi, et Apple pour toi.
Ce bouton permet de programmer des instructions :slight_smile:

Bonne soirée ! :raised_back_of_hand:

Salut Franck,

J’ai reçu un mail du support (de Thomas), en me disant que cette fonction avait été mise dans la road map (to do list).

A force de poser la question, il a fini par craquer surement :slight_smile:

Bonne journée ! :raised_back_of_hand:

Hi Franck,

I received an email from support (from Thomas), telling me that this function had been put in the road map (to do list).

By dint of asking the question, he probably cracked up :slight_smile:

Good day ! :raised_back_of_hand:

super, bonne nouvelle!

A bientot