Philips HDMI play start/stop control with buttons


I have an HDMI play sync box in my HUE installation.

I can stop with HE, the video sync of the HDMI box with a button by using the ‘stop entertainment program’ and selecting the entertainment room where is my HDMI box.

But there is no feature to start the video sync with a button.
I have to go to Philips Hue Sync and start the video sync.

I pay the premium option, but still not possible to ‘turn on’ entertainment of the HDMI play box.

Is it possible to add such a feature ? Even for the premium only :wink:


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Hi Franck,

Given your last name, you must be french, I’m too :wink:

I posted the same thing in mid-August on the “XDA” forum, and I even sent an email to application support, but the answer from Thomas was not adequate with my question.

I just copied / pasted my text here, and I see you’re in the same situation.

For my part, I’m using an infrared remote control, where I have mapped a button that allows me to resynchronize.

In the meantime, it’s easier than going to the app to reactivate synchronization.

I just posted, it’s duplicate compared to your post.

We keep informed ! :wink:

P.S : It’s also possible on a change of state of the HDMI signal (switch off / on the device), but it’s much less practical.

Good day ! :handshake: