Philip Hue Bluetooth App cannot connect more than three lights

Using the Android Philip Hue Bluetooth App (Version 1.31.0) I am only able to connect to 3 Philip Hue Bluetooth GU10 bulbs. I can manage to get all 4 (GU10 LED) bulbs fitted into my Philips Argenta 4 spot light fitting to show up in the App (after a lot of trying) but it can only ever manage to allow me to control 3 of the bulbs, the 4th bulb always says “Failed to Connect”. It is not specific to any 1 bulb as I have managed to connect to combinations of the 4 bulbs in the fitting, but never all 4 at the same time. Using the latest version of the Philip Hue Bluetooth App, installed on my partners Apple mobile device I can manage to connect to and control all 4 bulbs. Is this a problem with the Android App or something I am simply doing wrong. This is incredibly frustrating as I have a £230.00 light fitting that cannot be properly used. Any help would be greatly appreciated from others that have overcome such an annoyance :grin:. I have also submitted a technical support request via the Philip Hue website, but thought to try here also.

UPDATE - I have now tried the Philip Hue BT App on another Android device that isn’t a Huawei device, it worked fine connecting to all 4 bulbs, I tried on another Huawei device and it wouldn’t connect to any of the bulbs. Must be a Huawei platform issue, only narrowed down to the P30 Lite version though!

It could be that your phone as a limitation that it does not support more Bluetooth devices.

Note that this community provides support for the Hue Essentials app. We do not offer support for the official Philips Hue app, so please get in touch with Philips Hue about their app.

You could try connecting the lights to our Hue Essentials app and see if that works.

Alternatively, a Hue bridge will solve this situation and the connection will be more stable as well.