Overlapping conditions


I’m trying to automaty my light routine with motions sensors in livning room and work area. But it seems that every now and then I get into issues. For instance, I’ve set some no motion conditions for work area like this:

  • no motion → wait 60 seconds → everyday → switch off group
  • no motion → wait 300 seconds → weekdays, 15:30-17:30 → switch off group
    i’ve tested it and it did not switch off lights event after 5 minutes

similarly for living room, I have conditions that doesn’t work:

  • motion → when light below 7 lux → set group to relax scene
  • motion → between 15:30 - 20:30 → set group to bright scene
    it seems that the second condition on the same group light will not work until no motion will turn the group off, but switching the scene for already switched on lights doesn’t work.

How can I better understand why those conditions work or not? It gets me so frustrated