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OSRAM Smart+ Switch Mini showing up as IKEA light


I’ve recently bought an OSRAM switch mini (Amazon Link ) as an additional switch besides the general hue switch. After some hassle I manage to get it paired to my bridge using the “touchlink” and “search for light” options when adding a device in the app. However, the switch shows up as an IKEA light.

The switch itself seems to work as a switch at least. The functions mentioned on the OSRAM website (see 5.3) all work, but it showing up as a light is a bit odd. Investigating the workings of the light a bit deeper, it seems like they directly relate to the state of my other lights. I tried using my home assistant to listen for “hue_events” fired by the remote, but they don’t show up as such (whereas those from my Hue Dimmer do show). I don’t know as in how far this is related to the plug being identified as a light.

Anyway, my first guess would be changing the type of the controller so that it isn’t a light, but I’m not sure how to do that -nor if it’s even possible. I’m also not sure if it’s really a bug that the controller even shows up as a light, or if that’s just how Hue sees it.

Third party switches do not show up in the app, that is normal. Only third party lights are visible. So that explains why you are not able to see the switch.

Now about this light. Are you sure this light is not another light in your house? The Touchlink feature can easily “steal” other lights in the house. Maybe you accidentally paired another light?

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Oh wow I hadn’t even considered that. Turns out my Roommates Ikea lights had disconnected from his hub, and I did indeed hijack those :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the clarification regarding the controller as well! It’s a pity but nothing to be done about.

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Great to hear you found the reason this light appeared!

If you would like to read the events of this switch, you could look into deCONZ (Phoscon). It is quite technical, but they make a Zigbee gateway that supports lots of devices. The API support websockets for events.