One motion sensor turns on the lights but the second one isn't keeping them on

I have 2 motion sensors in the hallway at both entrances. When I enter the hallway a sensor turns on the lights. When I walk thru the hallway to the other sensor, this one is not keeping the lights on even when I am moving in front of it. I have it set to turn off the lights after 1 minute of detecting no movement. After the lights turn off the sensor isn’t doing anything for a while.
Is it possible to keep the lights on with the sensor that did not originally turned on the lights? And I also want it to respond directly again after the lights go off like when I go the bathroom in a bar. Lights turn off, you move your arm and they turn on again. Looks pretty simple to me but I have no idea how, if it is at all possible with the Philips sensors.

I hope it’s clear what I want.