Offset sunset/sunrise time individually for each trigger action

Hi, first of all thanks for providing such a great app!

While it’s great that one can offset sunset/sunrise triggers globally (without having to use the 15/30/45 intervals from the original Hue app), it would be even better if such a functionality would be available for individual routines.
I’m triggering a number of lights with a sunset routine but since some rooms become darker more quickly, it’d be very convenient to be able to offset one room by, say, -15mins and another room by +10mins relative to the sunset time.



Hi, thanks for the feature request. I added it to the wish list for future development.

At the moment you could try creating this with the effects. Create an effect which triggers a scene after a delay and save it to the bridge. Then you could use that effect as a schedule action. This way you could create multiple effects with different delays to trigger scenes and use those for your different rooms.
(currently an effect needs two frames, so just add the same scene twice with a 1 sec delay in between for now)

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How do you create an effect?
I’m also interested in delaying the Sunset time by +10 minutes. Has this feature been added yet?
Thank you.