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Offset sunset/sunrise time individually for each trigger action

Hi, first of all thanks for providing such a great app!

While it’s great that one can offset sunset/sunrise triggers globally (without having to use the 15/30/45 intervals from the original Hue app), it would be even better if such a functionality would be available for individual routines.
I’m triggering a number of lights with a sunset routine but since some rooms become darker more quickly, it’d be very convenient to be able to offset one room by, say, -15mins and another room by +10mins relative to the sunset time.



Hi, thanks for the feature request. I added it to the wish list for future development.

At the moment you could try creating this with the effects. Create an effect which triggers a scene after a delay and save it to the bridge. Then you could use that effect as a schedule action. This way you could create multiple effects with different delays to trigger scenes and use those for your different rooms.
(currently an effect needs two frames, so just add the same scene twice with a 1 sec delay in between for now)

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How do you create an effect?
I’m also interested in delaying the Sunset time by +10 minutes. Has this feature been added yet?
Thank you.

You can create an effect by opening a group, select the third tab (lightning icon), tap the + button.

You can delay the Sunset/Sunrise time for all schedules. In Hue Essentials go to the devices tab, select your bridge, tap Location. Here you can configure a time offset for all schedules.
If you would like to configure the offset for individual schedules, like asked in this topic, you would need to wait until it is added in Hue Essentials. It is still on the wish list.

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I’m also interested in setting a +30min delay for both sunrise and sunset time. I follow the instructions above but can only select my timezone (Amsterdam in my case) and that’s it. No plus or minus to be set in minutes or hours;

“In Hue Essentials go to the devices tab, select your bridge, tap Location. Here you can configure a time offset for all schedules.”

What do I miss and how to achieve this?

See the following screenshot how to set offset for all schedules:

In your case, you need to tap Location instead of Timezone. In the screenshot it is the third item behind the dialog.

Hi Thomas,

I have checked, if I can create a delay with effects, but it is not possible to switch a device on our off with an effect.

Can you post an example, how a delay can be made.

And why is the delay still not added?
With Alexa and near all other apps it is already working, but unfortunately not with Hue essentials.

Thanks & BR


No update so far?
I have checked original Hue app and even there the offset can be defined for every timer separately.

No chance to add it here?

BR Thomas

Antwortet hier keiner auf Posts?

Komische Community

I am using the Sunset/sunrise function for anti burglar purposes. However, the time of sunset/sunrise differs only marginally from day to day so that the feature is suboptimal for this purpose. To effectively simulate that someone lives in the house one should not only be able to add an offset time as mentionned above. One should also be able to add on top of the offset time a random variation of the offset time.

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