Notification on event (and other Tasker things)

is it possible to add push notifications for events (like on light/group status changes, motion detection, ecc…)?
It could open A LOT of possibilities in Tasker…

Moreover, always talking about Tasker. Do you plan to implement your Tasker plugin? Maybe with option like set brightness, colour, ecc…?

Thanks in advance

It is not possible to get a notification due to limitations on the Philips Hue bridge. This is something Philips Hue would need to add support for first.

See also:

Your feature requests for Tasker are on the wish list for future development.

Question along the same lines, is there a way to check the status of a light and use that as a condition in tasker/macrodroid?

For instance, a task that sets a scene on the light but only if the light is already on.

I’ve found a way. The same Thomas suggested: polling th Hue bridge one time every 6 seconds. Everything works fine here this way: not too fast to slow down the bridge, not too slow to get usefulness responses :wink: