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No connect Wear os, Samsung Galaxy watch 4

After the last update, the application stopped working. I uninstalled the apps and reinstalled, the app won’t connect to the light bulb.
I have the latest system on my watch Wear OS 3.2.
How to fix it ?

Of course, I do everything according to the instructions. 20 times and won’t connect

Thanks for letting me know, I am currently looking into it.

I was able to reproduce the issue and will update the app with a fix soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I halted the update, so if you reinstall the app on your watch you should get the old version back.

A fix is available in Hue Essentials version 1.28.5 which is in review by Google (should be available in a few days).

OK thank you. Hope it will work.

New update should be available in beta now, stable rollout will follow soon.

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