Need help understanding Hue and Wall switches


First post on this community, and I’m looking forward to starting my journey with Hue devices, but so far I have a doubt about how to aproach my setup.

I have a Bedroom with 4 GU10 bulbs and a regular wall switch and a small switch on the
bedside table. These two work together, meaning that I can turn on the lights on one of them, and then turn them off on the other… I have 2 bed side tables but just one bedside table switch, and also I dont have dimmer capabilities on this system…

So, I was thinking about acquiring 4 GU10 Hue bulbs, and 2 Hue Buttons (Hue Smart button | Philips Hue US) to place on the bedside tables… With the smart bulbs I could have the dimmer capabilities and the buttons would allow me to turn on and off the lights on both sides of the bed… My question is, what should I put on the wall (in place of the regular switch), so that the buttons can turn on and off the lights, and also if I want, I could turn on the lights as soon as I enter the room? Is it easier to leave the regular switch always on, and buying something like the Hue Switch (Hue Dimmer Switch (latest model) | Philips Hue US) and place it near the door? Let me know what do you have on your setups or what you think I should do.

I tried to give as much context as needed, and I hope I made sense.

Thank you in advace.