My set up: Shield Nvidia + PS5 + hue HUB + future lightstrip gradient

hi guys,

new on this… just discovered Hue Essentials (didn’t know the app but was advised by some friends) and tested from shield android tv with some Hue bulb in my living room while running movies, TV, etc. of course, it’s not the best use case but it was just for test and it looks it’s working. then i want to move a step forward and buy lightstrip gradient.

set up: hue Hub + Nvidia Shield pro + PlayStation 5 + future lightstrip gradient. here are my question. first one is stupid… second one is more relevant i guess.

1/ i saw it confirmed but asking another time to be sure: i’ll be able to sync without HUE SYNC box through HUE essentials (guess yes if simple bulbs are syncing)
2/ so i stream all from shield TV… but i also play… PlayStation 5. and then, it means i would need Hue essentials on PlayStation 5. the issue is the app doesn’t look to exist and i believe no one published one for now. i’m absolutely reluctant to buy sync box. is there a plan for Hue essentials to deploy an app on playstation 5 ? then it would mean i make a set up for SHIELD and another one for PLAY 5.

thanks for reading me.