My lights switch on randomly

If your lights switch on randomly please check the following:

  1. Make sure there is no schedule active that switches your light on. You can find the schedules in Hue Essentials by going to the schedules tab at the bottom (alarm clock icon). There you will see a list of your schedules. Delete or switch off the schedules you do not need.

  2. In Hue Essentials, go to the devices tab, select your bridge, tap Apps. Here you will find an overview of apps/users that accessed your bridge. If there is an app that accessed your bridge around the time your light went on, it could be caused by that app. You could delete it and see if that solves the problem.

  3. Another way for apps to access your Hue bridge is through the cloud. On the same screen as step 2, tap the three dots at the top, tap Hue account apps. There you will need to sign in with your Philips Hue account. Then you can see which apps accessed your bridge.

  4. Your light is connected to a traditional dimmer. This could cause the light to randomly turn on. Solution is to remove your dimmer and connect your light directly to the mains. See: My lights are unreachable