Multiple Bridge Setup Without Rebuilds for Expanding Collections


I have reached the point where a second bridge is required and wanted to make this setup clean by having dedicated areas managed by each bridge. I reached out to Philips Hue team to check and they confirmed that there is no way to backup or transfer from one bridge to another at present. This seems like quite a miss, and wondered how people on this forum have coped?

Having expanded my collection of Hue lights I find the scenes are quickly maxing out. So initially thought would transfer my main living area “zones” to the new one avoiding the need to set up 150 scenes.

Am I missing something? But this would also apply if one got damaged and needed replacing right? Seems very time consuming to constantly have to rebuild from scratch?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Simon,

there is no way to backup/restore your Hue bridge, unfortunately. It would be great if Philips Hue could add this to the bridge.

The best way to migrate your lights to a new bridge, is to first delete a few of the lights on the old bridge. Make sure the lights are turned on when deleting them. That will cause the light to reset itself. Now start a search for lights on the new bridge and it should be found automatically. If it is not found, try the search again with the serial number.

Unfortunately there is no way to migrate scenes. You would need to create them again.

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