Müller tine remote setup wizard is gone

I’m using a Müller Tint RGB remote together with deconz. Some time ago it was possible to set it up using a wizard in the Hue Essentials App. There was a picture with all the buttons and the color wheel. It was possible to adress the functions easily to the button.
Now this nice feature is gone. It is only possible finding out the serveral buttonevent codes. This way is very inconvient. Or is something different wrong… Help is highly appriechiated!

Thanks a lot


Could you try starting a search for sensors and simultaneously pressing the remote buttons and color wheel? I think the remote control was not completely discovered by deCONZ.

Well, I tried a new search for switches again with pressing the buttons. But without success the remote is found and in the HUE Essentials app it is still the inconvient way… I don’t know what to do next.