Move from HUE Bridge to ConBee II with Phosocon deCONZ

Hello thanks for being here in this group, my first question. I just moved to a ConBee II Stick on a Raspi 4. I moved all Hue Stuff to that environment. Yet I have one Signe Lamp from Hue and one HUE Smart Button, which still reside on the Hue Bridge. Is it possible to move them to HUE Essentials and kick the HUE Bridge out? Or deleting on the bridge and adding on HUE Essentials? Can these then be seen on deCONZ, which I have connected to Home Assistant?

Those devices should both be compatible with deCONZ. You can pair them on the deCONZ gateway. After that you can control the light and configure the smart button in Hue Essentials.