Motion Sensor outside


Recently I bought 2 “Hue Impress Outdoor Wall light small” lights and a “Outdoor motion sensor”. With the original Philips Hue app I’m running into issues with setting up the automations. So I bought the Premium package in the Hue Essentials app. However, the automation still does not what I want.

During the day I don’t want the lights to do anything. Just to be off and don’t respond to motion.

Once it gets dark I would like both lights to be dimmed (when there is no motion).

Once there is motion (during dark) I want the devices to go to bright and be bright for a minute.

After a minute of no motion the lights should go back to the dimmed state.

After it gets day the lights should turn off again.

I manage to setup a automation that works sort of what I want but does something I don’t want it to do. Once there is motion, the light respond what they should do and return back to the dimmed state. However, after around 5 minutes the light just completely turn off and I can’t find what is causing it.

Does anyone know how to setup an automation with my requirements?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,