Motion Sensor - No trigger on last 30sec reduced brightness

Dear all,

Straigh to the point:
My motion sensor, configured through the Hue Essentials app does not bring lights up again when motion is detected on those last 30 seconds (configurable) reduced brightness stage.

A bit more context:
Normally you define the scene you want when motion is detected - Working
Normally you define what to do when there is no more motion - Not Working
Why? - When is those last seconds, when the motion sensor already reduced the brightess of your scene, normally if you move and it picks up motion it brings the lights back up. That is not working, and the lights eventually turn off (as programmed) and then immediately go up again.
Are you sure motion detector picked motion during that stage? Yes, the app shows “Last movement: Just now”
Anything else relevant? - I’m using two bridges… not sure if it messes up something…

Thank you so much if you can help me with this


dear all,

I’m still experiencing this problem and would greatly appreciate any form of ideas on how to overcome it

thank you

I was facing the the issue, so I went back to hue labs. Hope there will be a fix.

dear all,

anyone else experiencing this issue besides me and Ronsox?
is there an issue tracker when i can warn the developers about this?

thank you

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I’m also facing this problem. No idea how to change configuration. Some time ago this worked correctly…

When the 30 seconds are running, there is no chance of reactivating light with motion until it was switched off completely.

Greetz Jan

I confirm what @janzieg said, some time ago this worked.
So far we have 3 reports of the same situation, @HueEssentials can we get some guidance on this issue?

It’s really hard to get an answer from the devs here :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi All,

I have just bought an indoor sensor for my entrance hallway to control the ceiling lights.
The hallway itself has no natural light - during the day any light comes through open doors of the various rooms that feed off the hallway. Due to the above setting, the light sensitivity correctly is important - for some reason, I can’t sort it out… For example, please see the image -which end of the scale means what - it has a sun device at one end of the scale however it says nighttime the opposite at the other. I know it must be straightforward forward and I’m being silly but rather than waste any more time I thought id just reach out and get advise. Could anyone tell me how they set up theirs? Thanks -
Image explaining Issue