Motion Sensor Configuration

I have an interior motion sensor in my front hall connected to two lights: Indoor Front Light and Outdoor Front Light. It is set up so when we open the door to the front hall the interior and exterior door lights come on any time of day or night (no windows in hall or door so it is always dark). This works fine. However my wife would like to set it up so the front exterior door light is on from 1600 to 2355 constantly dim (so the house number is visible). When the motion sensor is activated the interior and exterior light would come on full brightness and after the prescribed time the interior light would go off and exterior light would go dim again. Is this possible?

Yes it should be possible.
First, set up scenes:
Scene 1: dim outside and light inside
Scene 2: full outside and light inside
Scene 3: off outside and light inside
Scene 4: dim outside & off inside
Etc etc…

Then set up the time intervals for motion & no motion.

Then put the scenes in there :+1:t2:

Thanks for the suggestion but the motion sensor seems to overule the scene triggers. While I can get it to initially work, once the sensor activates and times out the scene does not reactivate.