Motion Sensor + Automation - Configuring Problems

Hello everyone,

I have found the following problems when configuring an automation which has to cancel the actions of a motion sensor (a philips one with fw.; when I select the “cancel motion sensor actions”, I have to pick up the desired sensor from a list, but the field then turns red with the message: “your motion sensor has an unsupoported configuration”.
The sensor has been configured with Hue Essentials itself (not with another app), and its actions work as desired; however, it cannot be picked up in the automation configuration.

I thought that a possible reason for this message would be that the sensor is not configured with the “link with other automations” option; then I decided to select this option for checking the theory; but every time I try to select it, instead of marking it, the UI marks “only in darkness” (the one below). This happens with existing configurations and new ones too. I’ve tried this from different android devices (tablet and phone), but the same issue happens (both with hue essentials version 2.1.2)

Any advice on how to use the “cancel motion sensor actions” in an automation would be highly appreciated, and if this means fixing the UI inconsistency, then a prompt update would be more than welcome

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Hello? Anyone?
Support would be highly appreciated

have you updated the app to version 2.2.0?

Yes, I’m afraid that both issues still persist (not able to check the “link with other automations” option + the “your motion sensor has an unsupported configuration” message.

Updated to 2.3.9 and both issues still persist.
An update would be highly appreciated:
Have you been able to reproduce it? is there any plan to be fixed in a future version and when this version is going to be released?
Thank you

Updated to 2.4.1 and both issues still persist.
The lack of support is starting to be a little disappointing.

2.4.3 and the same: both issues persist (as expected I must say)

Same problem here with version 2.4.4. Please fix this issue, as I don’t want to do a sensor reset.