More than two time periods for motion sensor?

I have a hue motion sensor controlling kitchen lights and the setup wizard gives me the standard daytime & nighttime behavior options. The UI suggests it would be possible to add further time slots, but the hue bridge does not seem to accept these. I’d like to set up three separate periods with different lights brightnesses. Is there a way to do this?

Once you have set up your motion sensor in Hue Essentials with the wizard, you should be able to add more time slots. There is a button “add time slot” on the motion tab. What happens when you tap that?

I can create a new slot, but after saving it the app informs that the hub (Philips) contains unsupported settings. I need to clear the programming. Remote connection at the moment, so can’t test further.

Confirmed the behavior: Once I press OK after setting the starting time of the new slot, the app displays an error stating the hub contains an unsupported setting and offers to clear the programming.