More Motion sensor settings


i would wish that you can set a motion sensor to do different things at different times, different things similar (only better) than the original LAB “Sensor Couple”.

An example: corridor light
Between 7am and 9pm both corridor lambs switch to 100% when it is too dark.
Between 9pm and 7am only one corridor lamp switches to 10%.

Another example: bedroom and bathroom
Switch the bedroom light between 9pm and 7am to 10% and switch the light in the bathroom to 20%.
But not between 7am and 9pm, only the bedroom light should come on.

So in principle exactly the same variability as you have already implemented very well with the switch dimmer.

With the original Philips Hue settings I have the behaviour of the motion sensor that it stands on one minute and then the lights go out, but when I move again immediately it doesn’t go on, only after some time it recognizes movement again, I don’t have the problem with the LAB sensor couple, that would be a nice setting too.

In the same way I would like to be able to connect X Motion-Sensors together, as much more than just 1 or 2

BTW: If I want to make settings with the wizard the APP crashes.

Translated with (free version)