More and more lamps not reachable - how to reconnect?

Hi all,

I hope this thread fits to the menu.
My apps are in German, so maybe the english wording I will use isn’t 100% correct to what the apps would name it usually.

I have some issues with several lamps and my Hue bridge.
After a reboot, an update and also after whatever the Hue bridge is loosing the connection to lamps. For some, I only have the feedback “no connection” (“unreachable”?!), but they still work well. For some, same message but no function.

I’m using only third party lamps and devices, from Lightly plugs to Tradfri bulbs.

tbh I don’t want to delete and reconnect them. The bridge and the stuff is also connected to HomeKit via HomeBridge ans also to HomeMatic.
If I have to, I would think about another bridge, like to put everything into a Tradfri bridge or something.

Is there any other way to reconnect the lamps and devices, without deleting them?

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: