More advanced Hue Dimmer Switch setup - possible?

Hi! I would like to set up a button on my Hue Dimmer Switch in the following way:

  • if the light is on - then turn it off
  • if the light is off and it is before 18:00 - activate scene “daylight”
  • if the light is off and is after 18:00 - activate scene “evening light”

I know Hue itself makes it possible (I was able to do it in all4hue app, but it was vert hard to understand), but I can’t do it in Hue Essentialls.

How can I achieve my setup?

Yes its possible. I have it that way.
But you have to do it in Philips app.
If you want you can edit the dim and hue buttons in HE afterwards.

Could you elaborate on that? I have official Hue app, how can I do it?

Like this.
Under “Hue Button” you do the time and scene settings.
When your done, the toggle button will work as you wanted it to do.

Thanks! Can I do the same for other buttons?

No. (You could if you learn hue rest API)
Or if Hue Essentials could implement a “copy” button, or if they implement the same functionality as Philips.

This is how it looks like in HE …
You can still use the 3 bottom button for something else dough…