Manage 2 lights with Philips Dimmer Switch v2

Hello, I just discovered Hue Essentials, on a Pixel 4a phone.

I have a room with 2 lights: one Philips Hue White Ambiance and one Philips Hue White and Color ambiance, just installed in a Philips Flourish yesterday.

I use the Dimmer Switch v2 to control the first lamp.

I would like to manage the 2 lamps separately with the same switch, which is impossible or difficult in the Hue App.

I installed Hue Essentials on my phone and set up the switch as follow:

  • Power button : to turn on the White Ambiance lamp, then off when clicked again.
    The two other buttons are used to dim or light up.

  • Hue button : here is the issue. The first click turns on the Flourish, but I am unable to turn off this lamp by clicking the Hue button again. The app tells me this button doesn’t allow double click.
    To turn off the desired light, I must long press again the Hue button, which is not “natural”.

How can I program the Hue button to turn on one light, then when pressed again, turn off the same light?